👋 Welcome

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📜 Background

After eight wonderful years, Denver Devs reached the end of its life when its champion sailed west to Valinor retired from running it, so he could have some peace. We wanted to offer a new space for the massive and amazing community of Rocky Mountain techies to go next, so we are happy to bring you: Colorado Tech Community!

🏔️ Not just for Coloradans

While this space is intended primarily to serve Colorado, we welcome anybody from anywhere in the world who has some attachment to the tech community of Colorado: Coloradans, former Coloradans, hopeful future Coloradans, and some people who heard this was a good place to rest their hat.

⌨️ Not just for developers

You do not have to be a software developer to join Colorado Tech Community! This space is also open to anyone tech-adjacent in some capacity: designers, product managers, testers, makers, hobbyists, etc.

All are welcome here

🎉 Getting started

To join us in Colorado Tech Community, just follow your nose click this button:

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